How To Measure Your Ring Size?

Measuring your ring size at home can be done easily with a few simple tools and methods. Here are three common methods to help you determine your ring size:

Method 1: Using a Strip of Paper or String

  1. Materials Needed:

    • A strip of paper or a piece of non-stretchy string
    • A ruler
    • A pen or marker
  2. Steps:

    1. Wrap the Paper or String: Wrap the strip of paper or string around the base of the finger you want to measure. Ensure it is snug but not too tight.
    2. Mark the Overlap: Using the pen or marker, mark the point where the paper or string overlaps.
    3. Measure the Length: Lay the paper or string flat and measure the length from the starting point to the mark using the ruler.
    4. Determine the Size: Use a ring size chart to convert the measurement to the corresponding ring size. Most charts provide measurements in millimeters and inches.

Method 2: Using a Printable Ring Sizer

  1. Materials Needed:

    • Access to a printer
    • Scissors
    • A printable ring sizer (available online)
  2. Steps:

    1. Print the Ring Sizer: Print the ring sizer at 100% scale, ensuring the page is not scaled down or up.
    2. Cut Out the Sizer: Carefully cut out the ring sizer along the outlined edges.
    3. Wrap and Measure: Follow the instructions on the printable sizer, typically wrapping it around your finger and noting the size at the point of overlap.

Method 3: Using an Existing Ring

  1. Materials Needed:

    • A ring that fits well on the intended finger
    • A ring size chart with circular size guides (available online)
    • A printable or digital ring size chart
  2. Steps:

    1. Find a Chart: Obtain a ring size chart that displays circular guides for each ring size.
    2. Match the Ring: Place your existing ring over the circles on the chart until you find the circle that matches the inner diameter of your ring.
    3. Determine the Size: Note the corresponding size that matches the inner circumference of your ring.

Tips for Accurate Measurement

  • Measure at the End of the Day: Your fingers can swell throughout the day, so it’s best to measure them in the evening when they are at their largest.
  • Consider the Knuckle: Ensure the ring will slide comfortably over your knuckle. If your knuckle is much larger than the base of your finger, measure both and choose a size in between.
  • Multiple Measurements: Measure your finger several times to ensure accuracy.


By following one of these methods, you can accurately determine your ring size from the comfort of your home. If you're between sizes, it’s generally recommended to opt for the larger size to ensure comfort. For the most precise measurement, especially for expensive or important rings like engagement rings, visiting a professional jeweler is advisable.

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