Necklace Size Guide

Finding the right necklace length can enhance your overall look and ensure comfort. Use our necklace size guide to select the perfect length for your style and body type.

Standard Necklace Lengths

  1. Choker (14-16 inches / 35-40 cm)

    • Fit: Sits tightly around the neck.
    • Style Tip: Perfect for a trendy, youthful look. Ideal for evening wear and open necklines.
  2. Princess (18-20 inches / 45-50 cm)

    • Fit: Sits at the base of the neck, just below the collarbone.
    • Style Tip: Versatile and suitable for both casual and formal outfits. Complements almost any neckline.
  3. Matinee (22-24 inches / 50-55cm cm)

    • Fit: Falls between the collarbone and the bust.
    • Style Tip: Great for business and casual wear. Looks elegant with higher necklines.

Choosing the Right Length

  • Face Shape:

    • Round: Opt for longer necklaces (matinee, opera) to elongate the face.
    • Oval: Most lengths work well, especially princess and matinee.
    • Heart: Chokers and princess lengths balance a narrow chin.
  • Neckline of Outfit:

    • High Neckline: Longer necklaces (opera, rope) add elegance.
    • V-Neck: Match the shape with a princess length or lariat.
    • Strapless/Scoop: Chokers and princess lengths draw attention to the neck and collarbone.
  • Body Type:

    • Petite: Shorter lengths (choker, princess) avoid overwhelming your frame.
    • Tall/Plus-Size: Longer necklaces (matinee, opera) complement your stature.
  1. Tips for Layering Necklaces

    • Mix Lengths: Combine different lengths for a trendy, layered look.
    • Vary Styles: Mix different necklace styles (chains, pendants, beads) for a unique ensemble.
    • Consider Neckline: Ensure the necklace layers complement your outfit’s neckline.

    By following this guide, you can find the perfect necklace length to enhance your style and complement your outfit.

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